Meet Candy




Hi, I'm Candy! Connection is important to me. I enjoy connecting the dots with and for people. To see your face, hear your story and discover the treasures of what links our hearts, all while accompanied by some fresh squeezed juice, coffee or tea. . . well that's pure delight to my soul.


I love to walk the beach and hike the mountains while praying and singing aloud.




Some words that describe me –

- Saved by Grace

- Wife
- Mom

- Author

- Speaker

- Founder

- Advocate
- Grief Companion
- Hugger
- Hope Finder
- Joy Grower

- Love in Action


My primary love language is Acts of Service and my second runner up is Quality Time. Learning the love languages and how to apply them has been foundational for the health of my marriage. I've been married twenty-one years and though we've gone through some of the most painful experiences, we are so close and I'm incredibly grateful to do life side by side. 


Two years after I married, I became a mom in 2001 with my first daughter but I couldn't keep her and it broke my heart. She was born silently and did not take a breath. I named her Grace. She was our inspiration for creating the Missing GRACE Foundation. I am the Executive Director of the organization which provides support, resources and a place to heal for families grieving a pregnancy or infant loss, infertility or adoption challenges.


After all the challenges with infertility and adoptions that fell through, I am especially appreciative of the gift and miracle of my two amazing daughters. My fourth baby, Promise, miscarried in the second trimester.


Through all losses, grief and trauma I found the way God helped me heal was through helping others. This has been a Gift of Grace which I talk about in the book. It is an honor to walk beside people in their grief journey.


Given the opportunity I will –

- Listen

- Help you navigate grief
- Hold space for you
- Cry with you

- Pray for you


I will also cheer you on as you brave new challenges, laugh with you, and celebrate your victories!



Short Bio


Candy McVicar is an author, inspirational speaker, and devoted advocate for families who are grieving a baby or child. After experiencing the stillbirth of her daughter Grace, she founded and became Executive Director of Missing GRACE Foundation, whose mission is to provide support, resources, and education for families and professional care providers when there is loss of a baby, infertility, or adoption challenges. Candy also serves in ministry alongside her husband with their two daughters.


Long Bio


Candy McVicar is an author, inspirational speaker, and devoted advocate for families who are grieving a baby or child.  She is mom to four – two on earth and two in heaven. Candy and her husband Stephen have been married and serving in ministry together for twenty-one years. After the stillbirth of their daughter Grace in 2001, they founded Missing GRACE Foundation which provides support, resources and a place of healing for families grieving a pregnancy or infant loss, infertility or adoption challenges. Candy serves as the Executive Director. 


Candy has extensive experience working with bereaved families and within healthcare systems. Candy facilitates grief support groups for parents and grandparents and provides facilitator training courses. Candy volunteered in hospital birthing rooms and NICUs, supporting hundreds of perinatal loss families for ten years. She provided them with birth support, professional photography and videography and assisted with their funeral services.


In 2003, Candy spearheaded legislation to help parents of a stillborn in Minnesota to receive their baby’s birth certificate. The bill was signed into law and enacted August 1, 2005, bringing rightful recognition and dignity to stillborn babies.


Candy organized and hosted annual GRACE conferences where she brought in speakers from around the nation to provide care professionals with CME and CEU classes along with a wide array of resources, support and education for families who have experienced a pregnancy or infant loss, infertility or adoption challenges. 


Candy has lectured at hospitals, clinics, universities, churches and conferences, capturing the hearts of many with her engaging and personable style. She is a grief and trauma specialist on a mission to help couples and families grow closer together, heal and find hope.


Candy is a lover of homemade fresh squeezed juice, hiking along the coast, photographing the light dancing on the water, snuggles with her favorite man and two amazing daughters and time with all the littles in her life: her two happy dogs (Tico and Sozo), and talkative cat (LuLu).